Start to explore cool local fashion stores with PrivateSale

Did you know that 87% of the sale of fashionable goods still happen offline?

For fashionistas, it is very important to see, touch, and try on fashion goods before buying them. With PrivateSale you can easily find, try on, and buy items inside local fashion stores right now.
Try on & buy what you like inside stores right now!
Do you find yourself being bored when you look at mass-market fashion brands? Want to find something with high quality that's unique?

Let's explore local fashion stores together!
We offer a chance for fashion lovers to find goods hidden inside nearby stores on our local fashion map.
Stop wasting your time waiting on delivery from online shops...
If when using our app, you find exactly what you're looking for in a nearby clothing store, you don't need to spend your time waiting for online orders. Simply find an item, go to the store, try it on and buy it in real-time.
Be first to discover
new arrivals
Every day stores get new items and fashion lovers want to see it first. We give you that opportunity for free with our app.

On each card, you can find the item description, the store's name, the distance and price. If you like the product, just click and get directions to the store to try it on.
But before...
Evaluate your wardrobe
to sell it or keep it...
We know that real fashion lovers have a huge amount of fashionable clothes that they aren't interested in wearing anymore. Let's make it a good habit to sell something old before buying something new!

Use our fashion calculator to know the total price amount of your clothing items that you're interested in selling. It may surprise you, how much it's worth.
Upload more items to get more coins for promotions!
We really suggest that you take photos of items that you haven't worn in 2 years or more because you will most likely never wear it again. Don't wait- sell it now!

To increase the chance of having your items bought, you can promote your items using our PrivateSale coins.
Your personal private sale for not only for friends
Manage the privacy of your items: sell your goods for all, only for friends or upload it just for yourself and they will be hiding for others.

Level of protection of private seller's contact information in PrivateSale is highly increased. This means that only after the seller chooses a specific buyer, the buyer gets access to the seller's contacts and the location of this item.
Sell a dress - save the planet!
Maybe you can not save a whole planet but you can save your pocket by returning some part of wardrobe investments.

Remember, if you want to buy something – sell something first
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PrivateSale is available for free on the App Store right now.
Start selling your goods and find something uniq in local fashion stores today!