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Is reasonable fashion consumption part your life style?

About marketplace
PrivateSale — new fashion social network for selling and buying trendy goods from your friend's, bloggers, brands, shops, showrooms and designers who really care for the environment.
About marketplace
We gathered all the best to offer a completely new fashion consumption approach for brands, users and shops to buy and sell fashion things.
Designers, Brands and Stores
Practically any designer, brand and store with stylish and high-quality photos of their things can become a part of our marketplace platform.
How does it work?
List your things
Download and Install PrivateSale application and upload photos of your things there, include the size and material. Note that better quality photos will have higher ratings and therefore more buyers will be able to see it.
Use hashtag #privatesalestore
Do you sell things through social networks or Instagram? Use our hashtag! Products with the hashtag will be announced in our groups on social networks and our partners will tell their subscribers about it.

Sell your things
All things are categorized based on geographical distance from customers. Things can be sold directly from the application and also from your Instagram store, which is linked to your user profile.
We also share links to stores and designer's profiles in our and our partners's social networks to increase traffic in your marketplace when you list things in our application
Private sellers and buyers
How many fashionable things are hidden in yours or your friend's dressing room? It's time to unload the wardrobe!
Make a fashionable photo
Remember that the better photos will have higher ratings and more buyers will be able to see it.
Don't have fashionable photo of your things? But they are the same quality as on the pictures you found? You can always use photos of similar things from other sources. But remember, it's your responsibility to make sure you don't break any copyright rules.

Tell your friends about the sale
Do your friends know that you have a sale? Tell them about it and find a new owner for your thing faster than usual. Post a link to your product on your own page in the social network and / or to the "sales groups" you're you're subscribed to.
Choose someone to sell your things
Everything is different now! Users get to bet on your things and you make a choice to whom you want to sell it. Only after you've made a choice, your contact information will become visible to each other.

The seller or the buyer?
Everything is changing. Today I want to buy something fashionable, and tomorrow I want sell my seemingly perfect purchase. Marketplace platform PrivateSale will make this process much easier.
You are the seller
Everything is so fashionable, but nothing to wear?
Congratulations! You are our seller! You definitely have photos in a dress that you haven't worn for 2 years and most likely you will never wear it ever again. Sell it now! Maybe your friend or colleague dreams about this thing!

Sell things
You are the buyer
Today you're in a mood to buy something fashionable, but you don't have time to go shopping? Go to PrivateSale and choose something from things offered by brands, shops and private sellers near you.
Buy things
Level of protection of private seller's contact information in PrivateSale is highly increased. This means that only after the seller chooses a specific buyer, the buyer gets access to the seller's contacts and the location of this thing.
"I did not like to sell things on the Internet because it took too much time and energy. I had to constantly communicate with strangers and talk about what I sell. In the PrivateSale app my things are mostly bought by my friends and colleagues, who do not ask a lot of unnecessary questions. "

Valery Egorova
"My closet was racked with things I only wore once and I decided to sell them." As soon as I uploaded my things to the app, girl who worked near me bought my shoes the same day. "I was surprised how quickly everything happened. , that there were no unnecessary communication and only the person you choose gets your things"

Irina Artimovich
Account director
"I don't like to use" sales groups "on social networks.There are mostly very ugly photos of things and I have a feeling that I am digging in someone else's worn clothes, even if it's absolutely new. I often go to PrivateSale just to look at beautiful pictures and I'm inspired to make new purchases.

Polina Andreeva
Everything you wanted to know about your fave fashion brand. And then some.
It's a very simple to start using PrivateSale app!
Install the app and upload your products there. All things are sorted based on geographical distance from you. On each description card you can find seller's name, thing's specification, the distance and the cost corridor for bidding . If you like the product - just click on the card and offer your bet. And then wait. You will receive push notification immediately when the seller confirms purchase.
We will sell your fashionable things for you!
PrivateSale is not only application for smartphone, but also Pop-up stores network and events targeting fast and convenient fashion sales&
You can either independently sell or buy things through the PrivateSale app or list your things in the Pop-up store or share it in PrivateSale Style Hub partner's space, where your thing will be available for viewing without your participation.
No need to meet with a potential buyer in uncomfortable places and at awkward time. No more trying on things at someone's home, in the car, or right on the street. You can simply move your things to a PrivateSale Hub space and all potential buyers will be able to take a look, touch, try on and buy your goods there.
Fashionable marketplace
who really care
for the environment
Stylish things and new brands in your smartphone!
The team seeks out the best fashion start-ups and it’s now home to more than 300 boutiques – so you can shop one-of-a-kind finds all the time.
Some statistics
PrivateSale is rapidly increasing the number of fashionable products on its marketplace platform and attracts more and more stylish and advanced users every day.
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More than 300 PrivateSale's partners list their things in the application. They also take part in our public and private "Secret Sales" and they are first to be notified about all events and activities related to the trading platform.
How to contact us?
Do you want to become our partner or send us your thoughts on how to improve our marketplace platform? We will be happy to answer to all your questions and note all your wishes.
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